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Information Security

Slingshot offers a broad assortment of information security services, tailored to best meet each of its client’s specific needs.

These services are provided individually, or as a complete package that includes:

  • Performing information security risk assessments covering all potential risks faced by the organization. 

  • Defining an information security policy and regime for the entire organization and/or for specific divisions and departments, in coordination with the client.

  • Reviewing the existing information security policy and regime, to verify that it continues to adequately meet the organization’s needs. 

  • Developing a comprehensive information security risk mitigation program covering the variety of risks faced by the organization, based on the risk assessment.

  • Preparing a work plan for the implementation of the risk mitigation measures. 

  • Ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements – ISO 27001, SOX, PCI, etc.

  • Performing penetration tests to detect vulnerabilities, and implementing means and measures to eliminate them.

  • Forensics and response services to identify, deal with and debrief information security incidents.

  • Training to enhance information security awareness.

  • Training on secure software development (SSDLC). 

  • Assigning an information security expert from among Slingshot’s professional staff to fill the role of the client’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Cyber and Information Security Events Monitoring (SIEM/SOC)

Slingshot monitors the organization’s IT operations in real time using proven methodologies, to detect cyber threats and allow implementing the required countermeasures without delay.

The company also offers ACID – an innovative, proprietary solution developed in-house to provide advance alerts at the first hint of a cyber attack – whether in the planning stage or as it commences. 

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management to the organization’s IT resources are critical to its IT security, to the protection of its intellectual property and to its smooth operation. 

Slingshot analyzes the organization’s needs in terms of access on a need-to-know basis, and, in coordination with the client, defines an access management strategy based on role mining and segregation of duties (SoD). It then proceeds to design a tailored access management solution based on the most suitable system architecture and platform for managing different levels of user authorizations based on one-to-one identity verification. Slingshot continues to provide full professional support in the assimilation of the solution and its ongoing operation, as required.

Information Security Infrastructures

Slingshot provides consulting services aimed to protect the organization’s information security infrastructures, to support its uninterrupted operation and allow it to focus on its core activities. The services include:

  • Architecture design. 

  • Evaluation and recommendation of the most appropriate information security products specifically for each client.

  • System hardening.

  • Preparation of hardening procedures and support in their assimilation.

  • Tailored services in various areas of infrastructure security, as required.

Cloud Security 

Slingshot’s has developed advanced security solutions specifically for the cloud environment. These comply with the Cloud Security Alliance’s standards, and allow the company’s clients to operate on the cloud without compromising the security of their data. Slingshot also provides professional support to companies transferring their applications to the cloud, to ensure a seamless transfer and uninterrupted operation.

Cyber Intelligence

Slingshot’s state-of-the-art, partner ACID solution provides real-time alerts to cyber threats, allowing clients to address the threat – foil the attack, or mitigate its consequences, and also investigate it in order to better prepare for future attacks. 

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