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Risk Management

Slingshot offers a variety of services within the realm of risk management:

  • Defining an IT risk management policy, in coordination with the client.

  • Developing a cost-effective IT risk management strategy.

  • Preparing IT risk management procedures covering diverse risks the organization may potentially face, covering the tasks executed by each member of the risk management team.

  • Developing an IT risk mitigation plan covering a variety of means and measures –technologies, trained manpower and processes, and professional support in their assimilation.

  • Assigning an IT risk management expert from among Slingshot’s professional staff to fill the role of the client’s Chief IT Risk Management Officer.


Slingshot’s IT risk management services support the organization’s ability to achieve its business goals by allowing it to devote its attention to its core activities, by ensuring that its IT resources fully support its operation, in terms of availability, robustness and reliability.

IT Risk Assessments

To identify and assess the full range of IT risks each client potentially faces, Slingshot performs comprehensive IT risk assessments. These cover innate risks, external risks and all relevant risk scenarios. The results of these assessments support the development of effective risk management policies, strategies and a risk mitigation plan that will allow the organization to keep its IT resources secure and support its smooth running. 
Slingshot also performs periodic IT risk assessments to determine whether new risks have arisen, and ensure that the risk management  means implemented continue to adequately protect the organization’s IT systems. 

IT Regime Establishment

An organization’s IT regime defines, manages and controls all the IT processes taking place within it. It covers the organizational structure of the IT unit, its management infrastructure, procedures and policies. Slingshot offers the following services:

  • Maps the services the IT unit is required to provide.

  • Defines the organizational structure of the unit and the roles of all team members.

  • Verifies that the IT unit is capable of best meeting the organization’s operational and business needs, and implementing required additional measures if necessary, based on a meticulously prepared work plan.

  • Training the IT unit team members on a variety of issues.

Work Process Development and Upgrading

Slingshot’s services in this area comply with the ITL and CobIT standards, and are based on its extensive professional experience. The main services include:

  • Configuration and asset management.

  • Availability and capacity management.

  • Service continuity management.

  • Assimilation of required modifications.

  • Development and testing management.

  • Incident management.

Selection of Technologies Supporting IT Management 

Organizations seeking to upgrade their IT systems by incorporating technologies that support efficient and effective IT management turn to Slingshot for assistance in preparing technical specifications for RFPs. Once the bidding process is complete, Slingshot’s experts help analyze the proposals submitted by the various vendors, select the most appropriate ones and negotiate the best terms, to ensure the client benefits to the fullest from each euro spent. It then continues to supervise the installation and acceptance tests, until the successful assimilation of the new technologies.

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