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MWST is a security “aware” transaction solution developed by Slingshot for financial institutions. It allows these organizations to secure a wide range of transactions by authenticating not only the client’s identity, but also the parameters of the transaction, and automatically reject transactions with modified parameters.

MWST enhances financial institutions’ level of security, reduces losses to fraud and safeguards their reputation, while also protecting clients from malwares and Trojans, and increasing their level of confidence in their financial services provider.

Slingshot’s patent pending technology was developed for both web and mobile platforms, creating a 360° holistic digital experience. 

Slingshot delivers a diverse range of IT security services to clients in the financial and governmental sectors, based more than 20 years of proven expertise and experience accumulated by its founders and senior consultants.

Additionally, Slingshot develops cutting-edge proprietary solutions:


ACID – an advanced intelligence gathering and analysis platform that detects and alerts to cyber threats in real time, enabling clients to foil attacks or mitigate their consequences.

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